Sally St Ives black and whiteAre you looking for a therapist or counsellor? Whatever the difficulties you are facing, psychotherapy offers a space to explore your feelings and current or past experiences with someone who is trained to listen and understand. You might already have identified the issues you need to address, or you may just have an awareness that things are not quite right. You might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed or disappointed with the way your life is at present. Therapy can support you to make sense of what is happening, to learn new ways of relating to others, and to understand your own reactions. It can provide a safe, confidential space to explore past events, or it may focus on your current situation. As an integrative therapist, I will work with you to find the approach to therapy which best suits you, whether that is quiet and reflective, or more energised and interactive.

Contacting a therapist can feel daunting, or even exciting.  You are welcome to browse my pages for as long as you need to, or to contact me for further information or to arrange an initial appointment.